This is the day he entered the MTC

Monday, October 31, 2011

Learning Malagasy

 Adam was asked to be district leader for 4 1/2 weeks (half his time at the MTC).  It keeps him really busy.  His testimony is already really growing and he knows he is being watched over and helped with the language.  The first time they tried to teach in their language was two days after he got there and he said they all failed miserably,- very hunmbling - Now they are all working even harder to learn the language. 

I am so glad that it is p-day!  I love being able to just take a brake from the language and the very choppy (strict) schedual! From what I understand I will see a lot of lemurs!  I am happy about that!  But like you said I will not get to see a lot of other wild life but I will very likely see some!

He's doing good

 I am doing great!  I have learned a lot of the language already! I say all my prayers in the language and bear my testimony in it too!  I sounds like nothing I have ever heard!  It can be tough to speak but I just keep trying!
Here at the MTC I am in a room with 4 missionaries!  I get all sorts of food for meals!  I can eat just about any kind of meal that I want every meal! :) I love the MTC!  Time flies!  My compainion is really tall and loves to sleep but I love him all the same!  He is going to Madagascar as well!  He is from Sandy Utah! 

Finally got our first e-mail!

I am doing great!  I love my district and my fellow missionaries!  I have been soo busy but loving every second of it! I am getting along great and I hope that you have gotten my letters!  I need you too all write me letters because I can only email on P-days!  So write often it is GREAT! to get letters!  I am going to check the other emails you send and respond to them now!  Love you all!